Wishing to provide parents of young children with authentic, direct-from-the-experts medical knowledge on time, on demand, Vietnam National Children’s Hospital  has taken a bold move to partner with a local startup to reach out to hundreds of thousands of young parents all over the country.

The “For Your Baby’s Health” channel is a pioneering awareness raising initiative by Vietnam’s most popular kindergarten app KidsOnline  and the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital, aiming to provide a curated channel to broadcast pediatrist-approved information, knowledge and health care messages to young parents via the KidsOnline app.

The on-app channel helps connect parents of young kids with the doctors and nurses of VNCH, the ultimate specialists in young children’s healthcare in Vietnam. Getting trusted advice from the top pediatrics of the country, especially during the children’s disease breakout season when panic, scare and confusion among young parents are common, would immediately benefit over 100,000 parents active everyday on the KidsOnline app, and the size of audience is growing every day.

The Vietnam Children’s Hospital (VNCH), with main facilities in Hanoi and satellite hospitals in key regions of Vietnam, is the leading pediatric hospital in Vietnam. Founded in 1969 as the Institute for Child Health Protection, VNCH has become the largest pediatric center in the country, both in terms of number of patients, state-of-the art facilities and in terms of competence of doctors, nurses and specialists. Modern medical techniques such as robot surgery, organ transplant, stem cell transplant are available at VNCH and have saved thousands of children from life-threatening diseases. With newly-upgraded facilities in Hanoi including 1,800 beds and a workforce of nearly 2,000 professors, doctors and nurses, every day VNCH caters to nearly 1700 inpatient, 3000 to 3500 outpatients.

In the first video on this channel, VNCH nurse shows parents how to bathe their newborn baby.

On the KidsOnline app, parents can also interact directly with VNCH specialists by sending them comments, asking questions. VNCH and KidsOnline are working on a feature allowing parents to book appointments with VNCH doctors directly from the app, starting 2019.


Cloud-based education management platform

Cloud-based education management platform

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