OMT provides e-learning and blended learning solutions and services built on Moodle and OpenEdX, open-source and widely supported e-learning platforms, to be fully customized to meet each customer organization’s training and education needs.

OMT also provides training of trainers in online teaching/blended teaching skills in a practical, hands-on manner to inhouse trainers and teachers from the customer organization, so that are proficient not just in using the system, but in developing relevant contents and formats for their e-learning and blended learning programs and effectively, interactively conducting online courses.

Sample of OMT E-learrning and Blended Learning Solutions Services: http://baoviet.elearn.vn/; http://os.elearn.vn; www.noved.edu.vn.

OMT is capable to host the new system for the customer on our e-learning-dedicated server during a predefined period of time, thus helping customer save on initial investments during the time they are familiarizing themselves with the new system and its benefits.


Cloud-based education management platform

Cloud-based education management platform

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