The “OMT Lenses” (“Lăng kính OMT” in Vietnamese language” is a monthly newsletter serving the online learning community in Vietnam, including the instructors, trainers on the one hand and the

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current learners and the interested public on the other.

For the online instructors and trainers community, the newsletter features updates and tips on new online learning technologies, best practices from elearning practitioners and especially experience sharing and reflections by Vietnamese elearning instructors. For the online learner community, there are updates on OMT recent courses and upcoming training programs; sharing of “learning tips” and other relevant stuff, like introduction of new management books published in Vietnamese language with funding support by OMT.

The OMT Lenses is available in Vietnamese language. Comments and suggestions are most welcome at omt@omt.vn or bantin@omt.vn. Enjoy reading!









Cloud-based education management platform

Cloud-based education management platform

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