As part of Vietnam’s dynamic reforms in the education and training sector, the need to trigger the creativity of both teachers and learners to keep up to date with the technology changes has been significant. In 2018, Ministry of Education and Training launched the Project 1665 to support creativity and entrepreneurial spirit among students nationwide.


Speaking at the opening ceremony of SV-Startup Festival 2019, held on the campus of Hanoi University of Science and Technology on October 5th, 2019, MOET Minister Phung Xuan Nha said since the launch of the project two years ago, many universities and colleges had connected with enterprises and encouraged lecturers and students to join start-up process.


The outcomes of the project could be seen in the surge of the number of entries sent to the SV– Start-up 2019 competition, which surpassed 300 compared to about 200 last year, he said, adding that the ministry would work closely with the Ministry of Education and Training to launch a national start-up center project.


“The festival’s main goal is to equip students with knowledge on start-up. More than that, this is a great venue for universities, colleges, research institutes, and businesses to connect via multiple platforms,” said Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam at the SV-Startup 2019 Festival’s opening ceremony.




OMT is privileged to be the Silver Sponsor the 2019 National Student Startup Festival, supporting the organization of student startup contest, forums and seminars on start-ups and innovation. SV-Startup 2019 saw 68 most outstanding projects to enter the final round of the SV-Startup 2019 competition. Throughout 2019-2020, OMT works with MOET to develop a student startup support portal, engage a roster of mentors to support student startup throughout the various stages of development including seed funding in promising projects.


Cloud-based education management platform

Cloud-based education management platform

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