E-learning is expected to be the major education model in the 4.0 industry revolution era, with training programs personalized to fit learners.

Vu Thi Tu Anh, deputy director of the Ministry of Education and Training’s (MOET) Continuation Education Department, said that individuals’ efforts will determine 40 percent of success.

Experts believe that in order to promote individual abilities, it is necessary to personalize learning and allow students to make decisions on what subjects to learn, and where and when to learn.

Students can learn online via email, video, audio, online TV and app sharing, depending on their requirements and purposes.

In Vietnam, more and more universities are taking advantage of IT to improve access to higher education and the quality of training.The personalization of education programs to fit individual requirements is feasible with the support of high technologies such as Big Data, AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things).

The HCM City Open University, for instance, provides many e-learning courses in accounting, law, auditing of international business, and other majors to help students save time and money.

Topica has been well known as the training establishment that provides university education online. Hocmai.vn and Moon.vn target general school students who need materials to prepare for their high school finals.

Meanwhile, Funix, founded by Nguyen Thanh Nam, a well known businessman and IT expert, is the first online university in Vietnam.

Analysts believe that e-learning will see a boom in Vietnam in the near future with the presence of more e-learnning app developers.

Vu My Lan, CEO of Egroup, said that e-learning is a good choice for learners because it  saves 80 percent of expenses compared with overseas study.

Dao Xuan Hoang, CEO of Early Start, said Vietnam has great potential for e-learning education.

The budget for children’s education accounts for a big proportion in families’ spending as Vietnamese believe that only education can help them escape poverty.

However, Hoang said the lack of a legal framework, the inconvenience of online payment channels, and the Vietnamese habit of using online services for free are hindering online study.

In addition, it also takes online education product suppliers a lot of time and money to develop products. Early Start, for example, spent more than two years designing Vmonkey, the first interactive comic product in Vietnamese.

Source: VietNamNet


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