Matific, the renowned online primary maths resource, used in countries across the world, is now available in Vietnam through two suppliers, Con Tu Hoc  and OMT

The supplier agreements mean that primary schools across Vietnam can invest in world class maths teaching activities in Vietnamese, which are already benefitting children in the USA, England, Europe, Asia and Australasia.



Matific, an Australian company headquartered in Sydney, provides primary aged students with engaging problem-solving tasks to support the holistic development of their mathematical learning. Matific is proven to build their knowledge and appreciation of maths, in tandem with schools’ philosophy and curriculum.

The agreements have also been applauded by leading Vietnamese education authorities thanks to the extensive access to Matific for all primary schools across Vietnam. Australia is the world’s third most popular destination for international students. Its reputation in delivering high quality education has long been recognised globally by  international students. This explains the fact that Vietnam currently ranks in top 6 of source markets of international students studying in Australia. While there is a strong forecast demand from Vietnam for ongoing delivery of education and training programs in Australia, transnational education partnership opportunities between Vietnam and Australia are growing, particularly in school sector and edutech solutions.


Scott Smith, Vice President of Global Business Development for Matific said, “it is exciting to be launching in Vietnam with our partners OMT and Con Tu Hoc. Being available in the Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) language and mapped to the Vietnamese curriculum means that every child nationwide can use Matific for the highest quality, effective learning support.”

For information on Matific’s availability in Vietnam please visit http://www.contuhoc.com or https://www.omt.vn


Cloud-based education management platform

Cloud-based education management platform

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