On June 3, 2009 OCD (www.ocd.vn) and Inpro (www.inpro.vn), a partner for Hanoi-Hatay in the Online Management Training program (OMT) launched the first blended learning course for SMEs in Hanoi.


This course “Human Resources Management for Young HR Professionals” is the first one in a series of blended learning and online learning courses in the OMT Program (www.businesstraining.vn) developed by OCD with take-off support from the Global Competitiveness Facility (GCF).


Seventeen participants from 10 businesses in Hanoi, Ha Tay and Haiphong combine 6 sessions of classroom training with online discussions, online material reading and group assignments to be conducted within 1 week. Trainers facilitate the online discussion, comment and review groups assignments online before wrapping up and reflecting on the learning process in the last class meeting at the end of the course.

Each participant is provided with a learner account that enables him or her to log in the online course on OMT server any time, from anywhere, to review the presentations, access reading materials, post his/her comments and work with other participants in group assignments. At the end of the course, participants completes an online feedback and evaluation form, aimed to help OCD to gather inputs from learners and continously improve the OMT programs. Though this blended learning approach is new to all participants, most of them are very interested in participating in online discussion and group work via the Online Management Training System (OMT). 

Following the successful launch of the first OMT course, training development teams are working hard on completing other courses in the online management training series, to meet the human resources development needs of Vietnamese businesses, especially the SME exporters in Ha Tay, Nghe An, Khanh Hoa and Lam Dong.



Cloud-based education management platform

Cloud-based education management platform

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