After the prolonged Lunar New Year, blood reserves at all major Vietnamese hospitals, including the National Children’s Hospital  in Hanoi,

were depleted (Blood bank facing shortage after Tet), seriously affecting emergency treatment of the young patients at the hospital.

In response to the National Children’s Hospital’s call for blood donation to help overcome the shortage, OMT and partner organizations organized a blood donation day on February 23, 2019, to help replenish the Blood Bank at the National Children’s Hospital in Hanoi. Over 60 enthusiastic donors registered, with 44 units of bloods provided to the NCH blood bank, over the course of a Saturday morning.

We are heartened to know that our donation will directly benefit some of the youngest patients of the country, bringing them hope for life. Join us in this and future blood donation campaigns!


Cloud-based education management platform

Cloud-based education management platform

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