–    Corporate Governance: the Key to Success for Public and Listed Companies in Vietnam (training course developed with support from the Corporate Governance Program, IFC in Vietnam)
–    Applying Balanced Score Card in Strategy Implementation

Description: ManhPQMr. Pham Quoc Manh brings with him more than 20 years of experience in high-level corporate finance and investment.

Over the years he had assumed senior positions in a number of companies and corporations, including: Finance Director, Gilina Corp.  (1987-1995); Director in charge of North Vietnam business for Leaprodexim Saigon (1995-1997); Finance Director, Hanoi Gas Joint Venture (1997-1999), Finance Director, Hanoi Petroleum Company (1999-2002), Director of Northern Branch, Phu My Fertilizer Corporation (under  PetroVietnam, 2003-2006), Chief Executive Director, Viet Phuong Investments Group (2006-2008). At Board level Mr Manh was Chairman of the BoD of Habada Beer Company (2007), member of the BoD of INDECO (2008-2009) and Vice Chairman of the BoD, Viet Phuong Investments Group (2009). Currently he is Deputy General Director of OMT and a founding member of the Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia Economic Development and Cooperation Association (VILACAED, 2009-now).

Since 1993 Mr Manh has been advisors to the board and management of Rang Dong Thermal Flasks Company, Huu Nghi Corporation; Chu Lai-Truong Hai Joint Venture Company; Lien San Transportation Services Company; Ba Dinh Housing Construction Company, among others. He is also an authoritative trainer in financial management topics, including: Corporate Finance; Business Planning and Financial Planning; Analysis of Investment Projects. Mr. Manh has conducted many such training courses for companies, business associations, management training institutions and private sector support programs.


Cloud-based education management platform

Cloud-based education management platform

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