In 2013, OMT deployed a series of blended learning courses for Mobifone (http://www.mobifone.vn), Vietnam’s 3rd largest mobile telecom operator, as part of Mobifone’s Executive Development Program to enhance managment competency of middle managers. The blended learning courses were developed for Manager and Deputy Manager of Departments; Directer/Deputy Director of the subodinate units, mobile communications subsidiaries and branches.

The blended learning courses combined a e-learning module, focusing on building up the foundation of Mobifone-specific kowledge and skills, and a classroom learning module that enables participants to build on these knowledge and skills acquired in the elearning module to discuss specific issues and apply them to practical tasks.

Based on proven effectiveness of the elearning program in the past years, in 2016 Mobifone continues using OMT services by ordering the development of a series of skills training courses in elearning format, in a drive to increase the proportion of elearning in Mobifone staff training program from 20% to 60%.

Implementation time: September 2013 to November 2013; January-Feburary 2016.


Cloud-based education management platform

Cloud-based education management platform

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