Lana Learn (http://lanalearn.com) is a global education and training company with strong social impact mission.In 2022, Lana Learn was commissioned to deliver the US Air Force-funded English language training program for personnel of the Armed Forces of Vietnam. The four-year program aims to support the Vietnam Ministry of National Defense’s ambitious 2030 target of having 30% of the Vietnamese Armed Forces be able to converse in English. 

Being the Vietnamese partner of Lana Learn, OMT provides on the ground IT support and project support to the Lana Learn teachers and program coordinators team at Base 871 in Hanoi.  OMT is deeply honored to contribute first-hands in advancing the US-Vietnam partnership and strategic goals.  

Here Tina Neville, CEO of Lana Learn, shares her views on the importance of local partnerships in the overall success of the program: https://lanalearn.com/news/the-power-of-local-partnerships/ 

Cloud-based education management platform

Cloud-based education management platform

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